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                Environmental, Health & Safety Principles
                       SanhuaHATM Co. Ltd. is Dedicated to Protecting Human Health, Natural Resources and the Global Environment. We Abide by the Laws and Regulations of the Countries in Which We Operate, We Will Use to Continuously Improve Our Performance. As a Global Company, We Will Strive to be Among the Best in the World.

                Health & Safety Policy
                Health & Safety Policy
                       Sanhua HATM Co. Ltd. is committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee as our overriding priority. We believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable and that there will be no compromise of an individual’s well being in anything we do. We believe it is a leadership responsibility to implement actions to help our employees realize a healthy and injury-free workplace.
                       Every employee has an important role in assuring that they and their co-workers are safe. We operate according to rigorous standards recognizing that through training and knowledge of these practices we can also enhance the personal lives of our employees and their families.
                Environmental Policy
                       Sanhua HATM Co. Ltd. is committed to protecting human health, natural resources, and the environment in which we live and operate. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with the law to include efforts to minimize our environmental impact through the implementation of innovative solutions.
                       Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our operations and products is the responsibility of everyone. We will lead the team to continue to integrate sound environmental practices into our business.

                Launch iCarScan
                mb sd c4
                XPROG-M V5.70
                KTAG V7.020
                Scania VCI3
                XTUNER T1
                VCDS 17.1
                VAG Dash CAN V5.14
                SBB Key Programmer
                SKP900 key programmer
                UCANDAS VDM
                Launch X431 V
                XTOOL HD900
                SKP1000 Tablet
                Car Diagnostic Tools