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                Refrigeration Cabinet Condenser+Housing

                This product can be applied to refrigeration cabinet, it's designed with microchannel heat exchanger and housing. It can replace the current T&F heat exchanger.

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                Download tips: 1.Product details for the PDF; 2.If you can not open the download PDF, please install the PDF reader;


                242×65×249 mm、242×69×243 mm、332×85×306 mm、309×98×281 mm、344×105×345 mm、342×108×347 mm、492×118×450 mm、564×143×507 mm、804×118×394 mm


                This product can be applied to refrigeration cabinet to?replace the current T&F heat exchanger.



                Less refrigerant charge: compared to the traditional T&F condenser, refrigerant charge can reduce 75%;

                Lower cost in same heat exchange performance.?


                This product is designed with microchannel heat exchanger and housing, users can choose the suggested fan to match the housing.?