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                Sanhua Home Appliance
                Sanhua Home Appliance

                       Sanhua Holding Group is founded in 1984, Sanhua contains the meaning of “Flower of Technology, Flower of Management, Flower of Talent”. Three decades of pioneering endeavor, Sanhua dedicates and leads, we devoted to build an enterprise in energy conservation and emission reduction; three decades of innovation, Sanhua Holding Group dedicates itself to provide global customers with competitive solutions for the ECO friendly intelligent control. There are three major businesses under Sanhua brand: HVAC/R&home appliance business, the auto HVAC& thermal management system business, and the real estate business.


                       Hangzhou Sanhua Home Appliance Thermal Management is Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent ControlCompany’s wholly-owned subsidiary. Sanhua Home Appliance provides components for a wide range of household and commercial appliances such as refrigerator, refrigeration cabinet, Tumble dryer, wash dryer, water heater, dish washer, coffee machine, dehumidifier, ice machine etc. Our main products are microchannel heat exchangers, heat exchanger module, heat pump system, All-Aluminum brazed plate heat exchanger. Sanhua has over 10 years’ R&D experience in MC heat exchanger, and reached the world class level. Sanhua Home Appliance is capable to improve complete machine’s energy efficiency and reduce the size. In addition, Sanhua HA also provides Omega heat pump, water inlet valve, dish-washer dispenser, flow meter, oscillation pump, twister heater, W-shaped heater, water softener……

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